Corporate Transactions

Our comprehensive corporate practice involves advice and counsel to large and small organizations on a full range of matters including internal business affairs, external contracting, and corporate organization and transfer. We also combine our corporate practice with detailed counsel regarding participation in the U.S. Virgin Islands Economic Development Commission tax incentive program. Our legal services in this area include:

  • corporate formation and structuring, including equity agreements, partnership arrangements, bylaws, and other internal governance documents;
  • business acquisition, including stock and asset purchase agreements;
  • application to the U.S. Virgin Islands EDC Program and EDC compliance services
  • real estate matters, including purchase and sales, commercial leasing, zoning, and landlord/tenant relations;
  • general corporate transactions and contracting, including government contracting;
  • employment documentation, including contracts for employment, employment policies and procedures, employee handbooks, and severance agreements;
  • independent contractor and consultancy contracts;
  • non-competition and confidentiality agreements.

We bring a sophisticated corporate practice to clients living and working in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Representative clients include investment managers, real estate developers, high-tech manufacturers, commercial tour operators, energy companies, and small business owners of all types.